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SENtrack provides you with all the important information so you can always make the right decision.


Telematics system

SENtrack DS

Fleet management with SENtrack DS

Improving efficiency through data

To improve your efficiency, use information that would otherwise remain hidden. The SENtrack DS telematics system records important data from your equipment via a communication module and uses the cell phone network to transmit the information to the online database. With personal online access, you can see information in real time and get valuable insights into how you can work more efficiently.

Sentrack Grafik En

Your benefits with SENtrack

Reduce maintenance costs:

  • Since you can always keep an eye on the optimal operating status of your machines via the important operating parameters (temperatures, consumption)
  • Organizing preventive maintenance or servicing if operating parameters differ significantly from target values.

Improve productivity:

  • Identifying and optimizing the capacity utilization of your equipment.
  • Assigning the right equipment to the right application.
  • Analyzing routes and optimizing your space, if necessary.

Optimize consumption figures:

  • By being able to identify and reduce equipment downtime.
  • Optimizing the regulation parameters in the control of the equipment in case of underload.

Protect investments:

  • Receiving alarm reports to inform you of critical states.
  • The possibility of centrally deactivating the equipment in the event of irregular movements.

Customizable dashboards:

  • Customizable dashboard for a better overview of the entire fleet.
  • Device details: Detailed data, device parameters and status messages.
  • Live tracking of your equipment incl. Route of the day, for route analysis and space optimization.
  • Analyze your equipment data with the help of overviews and diagrams.

SENtrack is easy to retrofit:

Also use SENtack DS for your existing fleet!

The retrofil kit is easy to install.

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