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Ascendum is professional, flexible and above all fast

On-site service

Our service technicians are highly qualified and will meet your machine. With more than 35 service vehicles, we provide the best customer service throughout the country. This means we can be with you quickly and can respond on the spot.

Top service network

In addition to more than 50 service technicians, our service network is completed with 4 business units. Thanks to the short distances, we can react as quickly as possible and ensure optimum availability of installers.

Flexible repair solutions

Repairs to engine components, transmissions or axles are not a problem for us either. Ascendum offers you individual repair solutions, thus often saving you the need to replace complete parts.


Our strength? The service!

At Ascendum we offer a range of solutions and services tailored to our customers’ needs, providing them with all the benefits of Ascendum services.

Ascendum Services guarantee a quick, personalized and confidential response.


As a result of partnerships established with the main national and international financial entities, Ascendum offers a set of credit solutions tailored to the needs of each business, providing you with fast and personalized financial and financing solutions.

Together with its financial partners, Ascendum offers solutions as differentiated as:

Long-term rental (LTR)*;

Financial leasing *;

Credit for major repairs*;

*New and used machinery (intermediated by a financial institution)

Follow the Customer

Follow the Customer is a support service for customers with international activity, especially with projects in countries where resources are scarce – is it equipment, parts, qualified operators, maintenance and other services – indispensable for the execution of their contract.

It is precisely so that the customer can focus exclusively on his work that Follow the Customer was created, which helps him define which equipment, services and spare parts stock he needs and brings all these material and human resources to the site, anywhere in the world.

Follow the Customer makes available to the customer, at any destination: The necessary equipment with the respective logistical support, a container with the stock of parts of greater consumption, the specialized labor and the specific tools and also the logistics of return of the equipment, when it is no longer needed, or its transfer to a new project and location.


The Ascendum Academy is responsible for training Ascendum professionals, with the aim of ensuring the professionalism, specialization and customer service that distinguish its services.

Ascendum considers the technical training of its employees as an essential investment and one of the fundamental pillars to develop the necessary skills. These requirements are essential to maximize the operational availability of the equipment, so all service technicians, responsible for Technical Assistance and Parts Service, are trained at the Ascendum Academy.

During the training year, various courses are offered, such as: Basic courses (covering engines, electronics, electricity, hydraulics, among others), specific courses for product families, Preventive Maintenance courses, courses on specific organs of a model family (such as engines and transmissions), and also courses on parts.

All courses are based on the principle that by understanding the theory well, problems can and should be solved directly on products and equipment. To this end, the training plan includes a wide range of practical and interactive programs, using resources such as the School of Service, online and offline training, face-to-face training and simulation.

Eco-Operator Program

The Eco-Operator program is an initiative designed to help operators achieve greater productivity while reducing fuel consumption, machine wear and tear and unplanned downtime.

By participating in the Eco-Operator program, operators have the opportunity to learn advanced techniques and practices, which allow them to optimize fuel use during daily operations. They are instructed on how to drive more efficiently, how to avoid harsh acceleration and braking, how to maintain appropriate speeds, how to use power control systems correctly, and more.

In addition, the training also covers knowledge about the specificities and characteristics of the machines, enabling operators to get the most out of them. They learn how to properly adjust equipment, perform preventive maintenance and identify issues before they become problems, thus avoiding unplanned downtime and reducing premature wear and tear.

By implementing the Eco-Operator programme, companies and organizations have the opportunity to reap both financial and environmental benefits. The reduction in fuel consumption results in a significant reduction in operating costs, while the reduction in wear and tear and unplanned downtime increases equipment life and improves job readiness.


Maintenance, repairs, safety checks at calculable fixed costs

Ascendum offers various levels of Service Contracts, designed to maximize the life and productivity of your machine or fleet of machines.

Starting from a modular and flexible base, you can hire our services that meet all your company’s needs, regardless of the size of the business or the age of the machines.

The aim is that you can focus on your business and delegate to the Ascendum-Volvoduo the services that suit you best within a budget that suits your company.

BLUE Service Agreement


The benefits for the client:

20% discount on the invoice for non-contract services
– Compliance with Law 50 / 2005
Cost control
– Regular analysis of the state and condition of the machine
Machine performanceanalysis
– Implementation of the
preventive maintenance program


Oil analysis is an extremely effective method for identifying potential problems with your machine.

Oil analysis can be used very effectively on engines, axles, gearboxes, transfer cases and hydraulic systems; but the same processes also work on coolant and fuel. In response to the diagnosis, you can plan a minor repair to the machine rather than risk a major repair at a later date that you hadn’t planned.


The required samples are taken and sent to one of Volvo’s specialized laboratories to get an answer as quickly as possible.


Our experts analyze the samples and record a variety of information from which they can draw conclusions about the condition of your machine.


You will be provided with a detailed diagnosis immediately. Along with the diagnosis, you will receive recommendations for action on your machine. To return to the field as if nothing was wrong.

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