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Crawler Excavator Rental

Volvo excavators are known for quality, performance and robustness. With advanced technology, they are designed to meet demanding challenges, Volvo excavators combine efficient hydraulics with powerful engines.

Choosing a machine to rent


Operating weight: 13,170 – 16,980 kg
Power: 90 kW
Bucket capacity: 0.33 – 1.01 m³

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Operating weight: 19,870 – 24,580 kg
Power: 115 kW
Bucket capacity: 0.28 – 1.1 m³

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Operating weight: 20,470 – 25,760 kg
Power: 129 kW
Bucket capacity: 0.48 – 1.44 m³

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Operating weight: 26,010 – 31,650 kg
Power: 168 kW
Bucket capacity: 0.56 – 1.76 m³

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Operating weight: 30,210 – 36,850 kg
Power: 189 kW
Bucket capacity: 0.52 – 2.06 m³

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Operating weight: 37,800 – 43,000 kg
Power: 226 kW
Bucket capacity: 0.83 – 2.53 m³

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Operating weight: 45,500 – 53,300 kg
Power: 278 kW
Bucket capacity: 1.55 – 3.3 m³

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    How about second-hand?

    It need not always be new. Our range of second-hand equipment, attachments, spare parts and accessories is always up to date. Have a look at our second-hand market. We might even have just the thing for you!

    Second-hand market

    Keeping your Volvo a Volvo

    You probably chose Volvo because you wanted the best. So why settle for less when it comes to accessories? Equipping your machine with a wide range of Volvo attachments can help you achieve even greater efficiency, with a lower investment.

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    More service

    We take care of your equipment, with on-site interventions, telephone support, original spare parts and scheduled maintenance. We have 4 business units in Portugal with workshops and parts counters as well as 35 technical assistance vehicles.